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Pre-admission Counselling: This will help the addict to identify his problems, accept it and the need to undergo the treatment. This also prepares the addict mentally for the transition period.
Management of withdrawal symptoms: During first few days of detoxification, the patient may undergo the withdrawal period. The severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on person to person, types of drugs used and period of abused.
Psychosocial counseling: It's an ongoing process during the process, it helps to identify ones strengths and weakness and address it with the guidance of a counselor.
Yoga and meditation: To address the spiritual bankruptcy/spiritual void ness and better coordination of body parts and organs. It also helps to identify the potentiality of 'self' within and use the spiritual energy to manage the challenges of daily life.
Behaviour Change Communication: This involves providing information/knowledge, building awareness and changing attitude and behavior for healthy & safer choices in life.
Group Therapy: It essentially teaches empathize and expressing ones feelings and emotions appropriately. This shall equip the person with better interpersonal relationship and communication skills and thereby will have better adjustments with community and society.
Family Counselling: In most of the cases the immediate family members will also be in distress due to the tremendous social, economical and psychological pressure.
  1. Pre-admission Counselling
  2. Management of withdrawal symptoms
  3. Psychosocial counseling
  4. Yoga and meditation
  5. Behaviour Change Communication
  6. Group Therapy
  7. Family Counselling
My dear friends,
I feel privileged that I have been graced upon by God, to carve out a niche for those who are engulfed by the black shadow of Addiction. It is rightly said, ”One who gets into the sea, only knows the bottom.” I was only 16years old when I joined Indian Air Force. After serving the Indian Air Force for 12yrs, I quit the job, as I had started taking alcohol & drugs. Being a pampered child in the family, I don’t remember how I got tangled in the clutches of psychotropic drugs besides alcohol. My family suffered mental as well as physical trauma & pain. My whole family tried a lot to bring me out of this hell.
I kept shuttling b/w various psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation centers for 5-6yrs in hope of a clean & productive life. During this dark period of despair & dejection I lost everything in terms of family, finance, social circle & above all my self. But I really thank God who has bestowed his utmost blessing on me. It was in the year 2001, When I realized that I had lost everything in my life, but still there was something to search for, since January 2001, I’m leading a clean life of a REFORMER.
My Family had suffered to such an extent that I promised to myself that I will never let the other thousands of families face the same agony & despair which my family had been through.
Giving a concrete shape to my dreams & idea of a residential treatment centre I laid the foundation of “PRITHVI DURGA FOUNDATION” in Nov 2005.
Welcome again!
Ashwani Bakshi
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